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Muki's ingredients



Muki's 8 oz. bottle sprays are for sale on our website and soon many retailers throughout the U.S.  We have Muki's Mudcake available now and soon 4 more scents!  We also have t-shirts, story books & many more creations coming soon!

Muki is working on her first storybook.  This book is now in the works with our illustrator. Muki can't wait to share her story with all of you, of how she was brought to life & all of her adventures with her friends.

Muki & Co. has spent many months finding the perfect ingredients for Muki's  spray. We have come up with super ingredients for our products. We have 7 children, so we want not only the best for ours, but yours too! Our ingredients: Distilled Water, Fragrance Oil, Coloring, Glycerin, Fine Glitter, and a Spritz of Muki's Mystical  Mix.

muki's story & creation

Muki's Monster Melt 

started with our daughter's Kuki and Kyliie.  When Kuki was 3 years old, Kyliie, her older sister, discovered a way to keep Kuki from being scared of monsters.  Kyliie came up with a special monster spray-away, that had a lavender scent. Kuki and I developed the product years later, when Kuki was 9 years old. We thought that other children who may be scared of monsters at bedtime could surely use some Muki's Monster Melt.....& so the creation began. From our family to yours, THANK YOU<3


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Check out what people have to say about Muki's Monster Melt

"What a great idea!  My daughter said she wished she came up with this and I told her she wished she HAD this when she was a little girl!"

J. Holeman Michigan

"Love this idea! Wish I had little ones to use it with. They sure would have loved this when they were  young!"

                        G. Hopkins, Michigan

"I can't wait to get some of this for our two kids! They will sleep peacefully with Muki's Monster Melt. Thank you!"

                         S. Stevenson, Ohio

"So excited for the launch of this product!  My son loves the characters that you created and can't wait to get the Manzo Muddie Bubbles flavor!"

                          E. Preston, Georgia

"Love this idea and our twins will love it too!  We have such a hard time getting them to sleep, especially at nap time. Monsters are in our house! Can't wait for Muki to stop them!"

                           M. Alexander, Kentucky

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